Illuminated Signage

Illuminated Signage

Sign Up offers internally illuminated, outdoor illuminated signs and other illuminated signage to make a bright and colorful impression day or night.

Channel Letters

Our channel letters are manufactured in a variety of styles with neon or LED Illumination. Channel Letters come in a wide variety of face and trim colors. Channel Letters can be installed with or without neon or LED, open-faced or back-lit.

Light Boxes

Light Box Displays, also referred to as backlit displays or lightboxes, create an unmatched visual impact through backlighting white or colored translucent graphics. Light box displays produce bright, vivid colors that are sure to grab the attention of anyone going by, making them a great way to highlight your products and services.


LED Displays can be used at churches, schools, banks, auto dealerships, theaters, call centers, shopping malls, military, airports, hotels, factories, Lottery, ATM, retail stores or any application requiring effective visual communication, real time information, increase sales, promote safety, or present a professional image.